Kevon Looney will play tonight

The reason this news is somewhat surprising is, despite his production for the Grizzlies, his market seems to be limited. He’s a bit of a dinosaur in terms of his game – he’s an excellent screen setter and rebounder, and scores the ball well in the paint and around the rim. But when it comes to the athleticism and versatility modern NBA rosters and organizations crave, he struggles. He’s a good rim protector, but not strong in defensive switchability. He’s a real threat in the pick and roll, but not in the pick and pop.

Jonas will almost certainly never again make more than $17.6 million in a year as an old school big man. He could be interested in a long-term deal with Memphis, but why not opt in and then talk extension like Zach Randolph did so long ago? A 3-year, $45 million deal for Jonas with that $17.6 million opt-in as the first year would mean about $13.5 million per the next two seasons, which lines up with the value of Jonas more than likely.

Now? If Jonas wants too much money, the Grizzlies can simply walk away and will have saved themselves a lot of cash potentially between the Jonas decision and whatever money they bring back in a Conley trade.

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