Klopp unsure if Matip can play


Matip elected not to represent Cameroon at the on-going Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon, despite being included in the nation’s preliminary squad for the tournament.

The defender was listed among the squad to play against Manchester United in the Premier League on Sunday but was forced to withdraw after FIFA intervened and now the Merseyside club admits they need to seek advice before making any further decisions about his inclusion during the African showpiece.

“Of course I need advice, I’m not a lawyer, but the decision is for me to make,” he told the media.

“I could put him in the line-up, I don’t think referee is going to say ‘stop, stop, you cannot go on the pitch’.

“We have had a lot of talks over the days and weeks. We’ve done transfers quicker than this.

“It’s already long-term, but now it’s getting really tense on our side. We’ve tried everything, but at the end I have to make the decision.”

If Matip is included on Wednesday and it is later found he should have been ineligible, Liverpool may face expulsion from the competition, but Klopp says the club just does not have enough information at this stage.

“That’s the next thing, we don’t know,” he added. “Most of the time in life you know if you do this, then you get this. But it’s not 100 per cent clear what happens.”

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