Any adult over the past 10 years or so has watched their investments go up and down like a yo-yo, as the fat cats on Wall Street play Monopoly with our money and our mortgages.

Stupid banks.

It dawned on my a couple years ago that there’s very little to invest in these days without the very real prospects of watching it drop in value, remain the same, or needing to withdraw it and having to pay an insane penalty. Whether it’s a mutual fund, a company stock, a house mortgage or any other bank investment, there’s a certain amount of risk involved.

That made me realize – I’m doomed.

Rather than stick money in my mattress (it doesn’t smell good in there), I had to come up with something else. I thought about buying gold and silver, which made me feel like being a pirate! But then I had another idea – investing in some high-end sports cards.

Look, I understand you had a collection in 1991 and the seven Chipper Jones rookie cards aren’t paying for your kid’s college tuition. But you have to understand the market was oversaturated at that point, and would continue to be oversaturated for decades to come.

So I’m talking about dipping farther back, when there were fewer card companies around, and the card stock made it easier to drop in value.

As a sports fan, you can go back and invest in some really cool sports cards for not too much money. Outside of a double-homicide in Brentwood, it’s doubtful these older players will do anything to drop their card’s values. The market will continue to fluctuate, but these valuable gems aren’t being produced anymore.

Whether you buy these sports cards or not, consider buying the rookie card for your favorite player on your favorite teams – then get them put together in a frame for an awesome office conversation piece.


I chose PSA grading for these sports cards you should invest in, but there are others (like Beckett) that are good, too. I just like all of them to look similar, for when I display them in a nice wall case. Not all of these cards are rookie cards. All prices are based off current eBay Buy It Now prices. For the entire group of cards mentioned, you’d have to spend about $5,000.

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