Will Muschamp Has A Scorching Hot Take On Thanksgiving

The South Carolina football team will practice on Thanksgiving, just like many other teams in college football. Now whether or not student athletes – who are not paid and do not share in any profits they earn for their program – should be made to practice while the rest of the student body enjoys time with their loved ones is an entirely different topic for a different day.

Today’s topic is whether or not Thanksgiving is even a day at all, and argument that comes to us courtesy of the Gamecocks’ head coach, Will Muschamp. During his press conference on Tuesday, he responded to a question about his plans for the national holiday with an absolutely red hot take:

Now in some ways, Muschamp isn’t wrong. Thanksgiving is dedicated to the celebration and symbolism of a meal. Of course, on the list of United States Federal Holidays, it is referred to as Thanksgiving Day and is always observed on the 4th Thursday of the month of November. You’ll notice that the word “day” came multiple times just in that one sentence. Take that as you will.

Still, it’s hard to blame Muschamp for his stance. I did a little digging and came to find out that he actually has a habit of refusing to acknowledge the difference between the actual “day” part of a holiday, and the traditions that we engage in to celebrate said holiday.

For example, here he is balking at someone’s suggestion that Easter is day and not just a morning scavenger hunt for candy that you can bring to work with you:

muschamp 2

And this snapshot is from the exact moment a few years back when a reporter told him that the film “Independence Day” was based on an actual day and was not just propaganda for a Bill Pullman presidential campaign:


Here are a few more of Muschamp’s holiday hot takes:

  • Columbus Day merely consists of players pointing at Columbus, Ohio on a map before participating in a full practice on an empty stomach because the cafeteria isn’t open and the coach isn’t allowed to buy them a meal.
  • New Years Day is just a reason to wear gold and silver sequins the night before and not have to answer any questions about it.
  • Christmas was created by the NBA to boost December ratings.
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