Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston Secures PGA Tour Card for 2016-17 Season

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(c) 2016 Time Inc. Mustard Minute: Beers with Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston Professional golfer Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston talks about being asked to do the Truffle Shuffle at the PGA Championship, his piñata costume from his Spanish Open party, how he introduces himself and more.Beef is coming to the PGA Tour, officially.

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston locked up his PGA Tour card for the 2016-17 season on Sunday with a fourth-place finish at the Albertsons Boise Open, the second of four Tour Finals events.

The top 25 on the Tour Finals money list earn PGA Tour cards, and by earning $54,910 through his first two events (sixth on the list) Beef has already earned enough to play on Tour full time. Beef started hot with opening rounds of 66 and 63, and he closed with a Sunday 68 to finish 17 under for the tournament. Michael Thomson won to regain his PGA Tour card.

Afterward, Beef was asked how he planned on celebrating. The man who once said he was going to “get hammered” after winning a European tour event, went a different direction. Sort of.

“A few sodas!” he said, laughing. “Yeah, I think there will be a Coke or a Fanta or something like that. Nah, there’s going to be a few beers, man!”

Welcome to the Tour, Beef.

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