Skip Bayless Calls Out Le’Veon Bell For Whining

Skip Bayless is making sure his last month at ESPN won’t go down quietly. In the midst of the NBA Playoffs and his made up feud with LeBron, Skip made sure he took time out to call out Le’Veon Bell. You see Bell felt that the Bengals were playing dirty against the Steelers last year, specifically when Vontaze Burfict ended Bell’s season. We all remember how chippy the playoff game between the two teams, when the emotions entirely took over and it animalistic. Bell naturally blamed the Bengals and it wasn’t really a big deal. Until Bell’s words reached Skip.

Yesterday on “First Take” Skip called out Bell for his comments, claiming they were “unbecoming of a Pittsburgh Steeler”. Bayless claimed that Bell was whining and complaining that “they hurt me.” Since Skip Bayless obviously know how it feels to get mauled on the football field.

Le’Veon Bell wasn’t impressed with Skip’s impression of him or his comments toward him. Bell, who is still rehabbing to get back from these injuries sustained last year, would be happy to come on “First Take” to set Skip’s record straight.

Hurry up Le’Veon you only have a few weeks left to get to Bayless before he leaves for the obscurity of Fox Sports 1. You’re running out of time!

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