Isaiah Thomas Wants Kevin Durant In Boston, Tweets The Total Wrong Thing

In case you haven’t been paying attention, you should know that rising superstar point guard Isaiah Thomas isall-in on being a Celtic. He has written about his love for the team and the city of Boston in The Players Tribune, he has been outspoken about his will to win a Championship as soon as possible and he is not shy about trying to recruit the best of the best to come play with him.

He’s also still fairly new to the organization and clearly needs to have someone double-checking his recruitment tweets. On Sunday night after the Warriors beat the Thunder in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals to end Kevin Durant’s season, Isaiah made this subtle and seemingly harmless social media gesticulation:

Isaiah Thomas, #Celtics All-Star recruiter, tweeted (and deleted) last night… #Durant

Now there are a million reasons that Kevin Durant should go to the Celtics. Blossoming young, franchise point guard who wants to play with him? Check. A city with a rich NBA tradition that loves basketball and would welcome him like he were the second coming of Jesus? Check. An arena full of championship banners as constant motivation? Check.

The problem with Thomas’ now-deleted tweet is that Durant wouldn’t be able to wear his signature #35 were he to end up in Boston, as that number was retired after the tragic on-court death of Reggie Lewis in 1993.

And despite all of the legitimate reasons that Durant would make an excellent Celtic, the general consensus by NBA people is that there’s no shot he ends up in Boston. The problem with Boston as a basketball town began with the racism that black players endured beginning in the 1960’s. Although the racial climate has changed drastically over the last couple of decades, the lasting effect that it’s had on the city as a major free agent contender still lingers.Other cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami offer a lifestyle that’s understandably perceived as more attractive to multi-millionaire 20-somethings.

Plus, let’s be honest: if it weren’t for the brilliance of  Danny Ainge – and Kevin Garnett’s desperation to win a ring before the end of his prime – the legendary Celtics could easily have found themselves approaching nearly 30 years without a title. There was a long stretch of time there where Boston just wasn’t a place that players wanted to be long-term. That perception began to change in 2008 when the Big Three of Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce captured the nation’s attention on their way to the Celtic’s 17th NBA Championship, but the city is still fighting to win back the party-loving hearts of the basketball elite.

Still, regardless of Thomas’ Twitter blunder, he is easily one of the most attractive point guards in the league if you’re a long shooter like Durant who needs a sidekick that isn’t an overconfident, irrational weirdo. The aforementioned Garnett was the original Durant; an incredibly long guy with the height of a center and an uncanny jumpshot. Hopefully that’s not where the Garnett comparisons end, no matter where Durant ends up.

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