Jay Cutler says he’s ‘concerned’ about a right thumb injury

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At least Jay Cutler didn’t have to hear any boos the series after he threw a really bad interception to Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham.

After the terrible interception, which the Eagles immediately turned into a touchdown to take a 22-7 lead, Cutler went back to the locker room. ESPN said during the broadcast that the trainers had been looking at Cutler’s right hand even before the interception. ESPN’s broadcast team speculated that he might have hurt himself on a third-quarter fumble.

Cutler said at his postgame press conference that he was “concerned” about a right thumb injury. Cutler said he’ll have more tests tomorrow.

Brian Hoyer came in for Cutler as he was back in the locker room getting checked out.

The Bears did a horrible job protecting Cutler over the first seven quarters of this season. He took some huge hits in the opener against the Houston Texans, and the Eagles got a lot of pressure on him Monday night. Cutler is tough but few quarterbacks can hold up taking that much punishment.

Maybe the thumb injury caused some of Cutler’s poor throws, including the devastating interception to Bradham. Either way, it wasn’t a very good night for him before he departed. We’ll see if the news gets worse.

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