Ex-Knicks coaches wasted me and Carmelo


When reflecting on his time in New York playing with Carmelo Anthony, current Miami Heat power forward Amar’e Stoudemire had some choice words about his tenure with the Knicks. Specifically, Stoudemire criticized his former coaches and the way they utilized both him and Anthony on the court.

“I don’t think we had enough opportunities to play together,” Stoudemire said in the Heat locker room Monday. “I moved to the bench and [became the] sixth, seventh man. When I was in the game, ‘Melo, he was out of the game and vice versa. When we did play together, we showed some flashes of what we could do on the pick-and-roll.”

Stoudemire, who played with Anthony from 2011-15 with the Knicks, is most likely referring to the manner in which former head coaches Mike D’Antoni and Mike Woodson chose to run the Knicks offense.

“I don’t think that pick-and-roll offense between ‘Melo and I was ever taken advantage of, which we could have,” Stoudemire said. “The way he shoots the ball, handles the ball from the outside and the way I attack the rim, it could’ve been a pretty good combination. I don’t think the coaching staff at the time really bought into that.’’

While Stoudemire may have a point, it is worth noting that by 2012 the six-time All-Star had begun experiencing chronic knee issues that have largely derailed his career.

Stoudemire, 33, has only played in two games thus far this season for the Heat.

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